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TenantSafe provides property managers and owners with the data and expertise they need to make smarter leasing decisions and increase their bottom line

Make Smarter Leasing
Decisions with TenantSafe

Designed specifically for the multifamily industry, TenantSafe Resident Screening Solutions offers the broadest and most affordable products in the industry.

We go beyond a simple credit check. TenantSafe’s complete suite of risk management solutions includes the most reliable data available, including national criminal, sex offender, address history and eviction reports.

Our comprehensive screening service will help you predict specific rent payment behavior and provide results in a simple, easy-to-use Web-based format.

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U.S. CrimCheck

US CrimCheck™ is one of the most comprehensive criminal records report in the U.S., a powerful, virtually instant multi-jurisdictional search of state and county criminal records. US CrimCheck™ gives you instant access to the largest public records database in the U.S. with over 400 million records and 3 million pictures. Our National Criminal search also includes Sex Offender records from 49 states, including Washington D.C., Guam and Puerto Rico with over 475,000 photos Offense(s) detailed with known alias(es), tattoos and body markings and addresses on file.


The XpresScore Report is a simple, powerful recommendation tool for property managers and landlords. It provides an automated means to quickly and efficiently analyze the credit, criminal, and eviction history of applicants and then generate a Score based on a customizable screening criteria. The XpresScore Report can help improve decision turnaround time, reduce delinquency rates, and increase bottom line margins. The XpresScore Report provides the most powerful and simple means available by which to score applicants. The combination of comprehensive data sources and customizable scoring criteria means property owners can decrease delinquency and increase profitability.


Don’t miss out on qualified leads because your leasing office is closed! QuickApp allows prospects to apply online conveniently and easily 24/7. Our built-in payment system allows prospects to pay your application fee by credit card online.

Drive more traffic to your communities. It’s simple with QuickAPP. Your prospect completes a secure online form directly from your web site or rental listing with your preset screening requirements. Your leasing agents than receive a rental recommendation with the applicant’s information.


Tenantsafe’s exclusive National EvictionCheck gives you online access to over 34 million landlord tenant records from all 50 states. The data may include all of the defendants involved, plaintiff, particular comments on the case, judgments initial filings, dispossessory warrants and property actions. Our EvictionCheck product searches every state where the applicant has a prior address, not just the state where the applicant is applying. EvictionCheck then immediately delivers a comprehensive easy-to-read report. Our eviction searches are not limited to information listed by the applicant. By using sophisticated search logic we can find more records than most other companies.


We Keep it Simple with...

Unprecedented Velocity. Impeccable Reliability.

TenantSafe’s empowers your staff to work more efficiently with everything you need from online applications to screening and documents.

TenantSafe Resident Screening Solutions has delivered applicant-screening products and risk management solutions for the multi-family housing industry since 2001. TenantSafe is a leader in innovative solutions that result in lowering risk and building value for our clients.

TenantSafe offers a fully automated resident screening platform that provides property owners and managers powerful leasing insights that help increase occupancy, cut costs, maximize income and minimize portfolio risk. We combine innovative data base technology with unprecedented customer service to bring you the most innovative on-line resident screening platform on the market today.


Why TenantSafe?

TenantSafe gives you precisely the solutions you need to identify the best residents. Along with a clear easy-to-read credit report from the credit bureaus, you can receive automated recommendations that make rental decisions consistent, fast and simple for your property staff, while increasing compliance with fair housing laws. Our full bureau credit report comes with the FICO score as well as details regarding your applicants past financial performance and all public records associated with the applicant.

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